Have you ever wanted egg laying hens without the commitment of ownership?

Consider CT Rent-A-Hen!

We provide the coop, three egg laying hens, water and feed container and everything else you need to have your own hens.....and we deliver


Mission Statement:

At CT Rent-A-Hen we facilitate our customers in the experience of enjoying egg laying hens at their residence with low cost and easy maintenance. Our hens not only provide wonderful  eggs, but are excellent domesticated pets. We empower families to have more direct control of a healthy food source, and a valued learning experience for children within an eco-friendly environment.

Our visit with Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun, Channel 3, Better Connecticut.Thanks Scot and Kara, we had a great time!

About Us

We started raising our own chickens fourteen years ago and found them to be very low maintenance, stress relievers and   entertaining.  They are full of personality and provide the added benefit of fresh eggs every day.  

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We provide everything needed  which includes,  coop, three hens, 50lbs of egg layer crumbles, water and feed containers, bedding, delivery and unlimited support. You can rely on us to assist you every step of the way.

All rental packages include:

  • One portable chicken coop
  • Delivery, set up and removal of coop
  • Three  hens
  • Feed & Bedding for first month
  • Water and feed containers
  • Healthy Hen Kit
  • Instructions on how to keep chickens safe, happy & thriving

Looking for a unique and wonderful gift idea!

Give your friends and family the gift that keeps on giving....

egg laying hens!

Gift Certificates available for rental packages - see pricing page


On Channel 8 CT Style, watch video and see Henny Penny's debut!

New Products

**We build custom coops!

Visit our coop design page for our newest year round coops.

The all season coops can comfortably accommodate from 3-12 hens.

We can make any size coop to suit your needs and to house additional hens.



Easy access to the threenest boxes to collect eggs. The shingled roof keeps coop dry and includes drip guards to divert rain and snow.

Interior includes (2) three foot roosting bars. Interior size,  40" wide,  48" long,  40" high. The side door opens to make clean up a breeze.



Our  Triangular coop is efficient,  safe and portable. The coop includes a self enclosed run that provides safety from daytime predators, and an upper  roosting and nesting area that ensures safety  from nocturnal predators.  This design provides easy access to the nest boxes where eggs will be collected daily  and allows for easy maintenance.

Important Information

Town Ordinances:  All towns have specific  laws and ordinances regarding the keeping of poultry .   If your town does require a permit or license to house chickens on your property, you must comply with your town's laws and ordinances.  Town specific information can usually be found on the towns website or by calling your town hall. 

Rental Agreement: A person 18 or older must be at home to accept delivery and sign the rental agreement.  We will set up your coop, introduce you to your hens, and give you a brief training session on how to care for your hens.

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