The down payment cost includes, delivery to and from any residence in Connecticut,  50lb. bag of feed, bedding, feed/water containers, unlimited 24/7 support and sampler package to make you rental experience complete.

Included in Rental:

           Delivery - Instructions - Pick Up

  • Mobile coop**
  • Three (3)  hens
  • Feed container
  • Water container
  • Egg Layer Pellets for first month
  • Bedding for first month
  • Instructions
  • Sampler Package

*Delivery fee is not part of monthly rental fee

**Mobile Triangular coop not for winter use, custom coop recommended for extended rentals or permanent home.

Month by Month Rental

(4 Week Rental)  

$150.00 delivery, set up, training, instructions and pick up

$54.00 monthly rental

Also Available

Triangular Portable Coop with Run $599.00

All Season Coop with Run $1200.00

50 lb. bag Egg Layer Pellets $20.00

Straw $10.00/bale

1 gallon water container $15.00

7lb Feed container $15.00

Hens $28.00 each

Gifts  Certificates available.

Rent for Season 

3 months recommended

Visit online store for additional options.

$150.00 delivery, set up, training, instructions  and pick up*

$54.00 monthly rental for season paid in full at delivery.

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Rent to Purchase

$150.00 delivery, set up,  training deducted from purchase price after minimum two month rental*

$54.00 monthly rental*

TriangularCoop and Hens $699.00 to purchase

To Purchase without Rental

  $699.00 includes:

  • Triangular portable
  •  coop
  • Three (3)  hens
  • Feed container
  • Water container
  • One 50lb bag of Egg Layer Pellets
  • Bedding
  • Instructions

Each  additional Hen  $28.00 each