2018 Pricing and Rental information

$400 for three month/three hen rental, all inclusive!

We anticipate being sold out again for our 

fourth year in a row.  don't delay, and rent your hens today!


Three month/Three hen rental-$400.00 includes  tax.

Here's what you get....

  • Mobile coop**
  • Three  hens
  • Feed container
  • Water container
  • 50lb. bag of egg layer crumbles
  • Bedding
  • Instructions and 24/7 support
  • Healthy Hen Kit, which includes meal worms, scratch feed, calcium supplement, lime, diatomaceous earth, PDZ, and 16 oz Poultry Protector.
  • Delivery, training and return of rental

**Mobile Triangular coop not for winter use, custom coop recommended for extended rentals or permanent home.

Also Available

All Season Custom Coop with Run $1500.00, see Coop Design page and call for quote.

50 lb. bag Egg Layer Pellets $20.00

Bedding Hay $10.00 per bag

Pine Shavings $10.00 per bag

1 gallon water container $15.00

7lb Feed container $15.00

Hens $30.00 each

Healthy Hen Kit $30.00

Gifts  Certificates available.


To get the egg rolling

$100 deposit required to reserve your three hens and secure a delivery date.

Balance of $300, non refundable, due upon delivery.

The option to extend your rental after the initial 3 month rental period, is only $60.00 per month.


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